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our performance package

The treatments in this Performance Package are handpicked to work together across technologies to increase your body’s own ability to perform better and drastically increase physical performance, mental focus, reaction time and strength. We have put together some of the most well-documented and effective treatments to strengthen the body, prolong athletes’ physical and mental performance, improve endurance, speed up muscle recovery and boost energy.

Our treatment packages can be purchased on a monthly basis, and it’s up to you how long you would like to continue the program with us. Choose whether you would like to run a 1-, 2- or 3-month program – or longer. If you are in doubt, we will find the optimal time period together.

Not sure which package to choose? Get started with a personal consultation, where based on your specific goals and objectives, we help you put together a targeted treatment plan, choose the right package and get the ultimate tools to ensure more energy and higher performance.

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Strengthens muscle endurance

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Improves circulation

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Increases energy levels

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Strengthens mental focus

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Improves joint function

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Boosts immune system

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Enhances mood

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Decreases stress




De ugentlige sessioner kombinerer lys- og kuldeterapi og lymfemassage for at øge din udholdenhed, forbedre mentalt fokus og booste din energi.
Du kommer i gang med en personlig konsultation, der hjælper dig med at sammensætte en målrettet behandlingsplan.

Månedlige behandlinger inkluderet:

4 x Whole Body Cryo
4 x 30 min Compression Therapy
8 x LED Light Therapy, Body
8 x Localised Cryo

3.495 kr.

per måned
Save 3,600 DKK

3.495 kr.

per month. Save 3,600 DKK


Buy the Performance Package that you prefer.

Book a personal consultation. We will help you put together a targeted treatment plan.

We will help you reach your goal by following the treatment plan we have made for you.


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Our evidence-based Performance Package is designed by our experienced therapists and dieticians to help your body perform at its best and make sure you achieve your goals faster and more efficiently. The weekly sessions combine cold and light therapy and lymphatic massage so you can perform better, feel better and increase your mental focus.

Målrettet lindring af smerter og betændelse i muskler og led. kryobehandlinger Læs mere om Localised Cryo Booster dit immunsystem, øger din restitution, reducerer inflammation, smertebehandler, forbedrer din søvn og meget mere. Effektiv mod allergi, cellulitis, stress, smerter og søvn problemer. whole body cryo Læs mere om Whole Body Cryo Til hurtigere helbredelse, lymfatisk dræning og reduktion af væske ophobninger.
compression therapy Læs mere om Compression Therapy
Stimulerer, reparerer og hjælper med at normalisere cellefunktionen til hurtigere gendannelse og en bedre immunfunktion. LED light therapy, body Læs mere om LED Light Therapy, Body

Nej, vores behandlinger er for alle, der ønsker at gøre mere i deres liv.

There are many ways to perform in the modern world we live in, and as many of us strive to be the best version of ourselves, we find us performing in many multiple areas of our daily life – besides work.

Nøglen er at være konsekvent, når det kommer til holdbare resultater.

For eksempel, med vores EMS Training nedbrydes muskelvæv 18 gange hurtigere end en konventionel træning, så det hele afhænger af, hvor hurtig din krop er til at restituere, og hvordan du giver energi og hviler dig. Med den varme og kolde behandling vil du få øjeblikkelig tilfredsstillelse i forhold til de andre behandlinger, der skal bygges op over tid. Men efter et par behandlinger vil du opleve en ro og føle dig afslappet i din krop, da hele dit nervesystem er i en rolig tilstand.

De forskellige behandlinger forstærker og fremmer de gode kemikalier i hjernen, som forbedrer dit humør og gør dig mere afslappet. Mere specifikt frigiver hjernen feel-good kemikalier kaldet endorfiner, i hele kroppen, hvilket reducerer angst og depression og øger selvværdet.

We can of course adjust your journey if you have to. We will work around your schedule due to work, holiday etc. Also if you are having an extended restitution or a break from training, as your body is making hormonal adaptations, nervous system adaptations, and tissue building. Adaptation is unique to each individual and varies due to training age and work tolerance in proximity to the genetic ceiling. A gym newbie may recover from this quickly – within 24 hours – while an advanced trainee may require months to disrupt homeostasis and adapt to higher training levels.

We know that life happens and the more we are able to adapt, the more we can evolve.

The hot and cold combination therapy will ease the muscle stiffness after the inflammation from your training resolves. But heat and cold can also be used together in an alternating pattern to create a “pumping” action in the circulatory system by restricting circulation to reduce swelling and then increasing circulation to a particular area or your whole body.

Heat increases skin – and joint temperature, improves blood circulation and muscle relaxation and decreases joint stiffness. Cold will numb the pain, decrease swelling, constrict blood vessels and block nerve impulses to the joint and give you Increased energy and alertness, as well as a metabolism boost.

It doesn’t hurt, but can feel a bit uncomfortable depending on your sensitivity to cold. It basically feels like going down a ski slope very fast. Our clients say the treatment is bearable, or even nice – but more importantly that  it is worth every minute as the outcome is much bigger than the effort.

Developed through years of medical research, LED Light Therapy is completely painless. It’s a pure non-laser light source through a matrix of purpose-built LEDs. During treatments clients feel a warm sensation over the face – similar to the feeling of lying under the sun, but lighter and without the sunburn.

The short answer is no it doesn’t, at very high levels it can get a bit uncomfortable, but not painful. You are trained by an educated EMS instructor, that will make sure to guide you –  under controlled and safe conditions.

When the session is complete, your skin will return to its normal temperature within minutes however, you will usually feel it in your body up to 24 hours after a session. Immediately after a session, you may feel a slight tingling sensation but this will normally evaporate within minutes, and you will feel energised and in high spirits due to the release of endorphins from your brain. Muscular pain generally begins to subside right away and you will experience a much better mobility in your joints. 

The treatment is cold, as the cold comes from dry air and not water. However it feels less painful compared e.g. winter bathing or taking a very cold shower.

Before treatment you are required to dress in protective clothing composed of cotton socks, cotton underwear (for men) and gloves. The duration of the treatment is between 2-3 minutes and the cold is ‘dry’, so it is very tolerable. Towards the end of the treatment, you may get a ‘pins and needles’ sensation, which disappears immediately after the treatment.

Cryotherapy saunas or spas have been used for almost 40 years. The only danger is if a client steps into the machine with wet clothing (e.g. with wet socks) as water will freeze immediately at these temperatures. 

The nitrogen used to cool the chambers is the same nitrogen that makes up 78% of the air we breathe. In either type of chamber, you will breathe normal air in the room. For safety, the chambers are equipped with an oxygen monitor. In order to protect the more temperature sensitive tissues (such as hands and feet) clients must wear dry socks, slippers and gloves, which we provide.

Alle vores behandlinger er gennemtestede og helt sikre. I løbet af dine behandlinger vil der altid være en uddannet terapeut til stede for at guide dig igennem behandlingen under kontrollerede og sikre forhold.

Har du flere spørgsmål?

Hvis du har flere spørgsmål eller bekymringer til vores behandlinger, så tøv ikke med at kontakte os, vi vil med glæde besvare eventuelle spørgsmål, du måtte have. Du kan også gennemse vores generelle ofte stillede spørgsmål.

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