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Optimise your health a new way of optimising your health, body, and mind One Thirty Labs is an urban oasis for everything related to your health and wellbeing. Increase your health span and improve quality of life through data driven insights and personalised health optimisation with the newest science-backed treatments on the market. feel fantastic, look great and live longer We offer a new approach to staying healthy with the newest science backed treatments available. Explore treatments it's time to rethink health It’s never been easier to stay healthy and look your best, with the newest biohacking treatments available. Book a free consultation Our mission is to uncover the root causes and resolve, prevent and optimise your health. Through our completely new memberships, we offer you 4 differently scaled ways to give you the best foundation for your health transformation. Each membership gives access to different health tests, a personalised treatment plan and access to our growing community, including our weekly classes and sessions. Read more introducing our new personalised health optimisation memberships

how can we help you?


At One Thirty Labs we can help you with a wide range of health issues. Deep dive into our specialized treatments and book a consultation.


reduce stress and build mental and physical resilience

Long periods of either physical or mental stress can lead to high cortisol levels, which can affect your energy levels, health, mood, and sleep.

The treatments included in our De-stress Program, help to reduce stress hormones in the body and build your resilience in difficult and stressful situations, just as they have a positive effect on both your sleep and mood.

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get ready for summer with our body upgrade course We created a fantastic 3-week program that combines treatments, training and guidance and advice from our 2 skilled health advisors Karen Louise and Amanda Claesen.

This is a course for you who want visible results and feel strong in your own body. You will experience more energy, fewer cravings, and increased muscle mass. It is a unique opportunity for you who want to change a few things in your everyday life for a big profit.
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events and weekly classes As part of our community, we regularly host inspiring events, talks, and workshops with some of the leading experts in their field. You also have the opportunity to participate in our weekly breathwork, yoga and running sessions. Meet like-minded people and get inspired to optimise your health and well-being! See events

located in the heart of copenhagen

We help our clients and members to reach their health goals, offering the newest and 100% natural treatments, using the latest equipment, treatments and most efficient products. By applying our treatments, products and biohacks to your daily and weekly health routines, we will help you reach your beauty, health and work-out goals faster and easier, while at the same time feeling and looking great, inside out.


one thirty labs – your new partner in health.



preventive health


pioneering a new era of health

We sat out to solve the classic problem of balancing work, travel, kids, friends and family and / or respective partners, while at the same time also leaving a few moments for yourself, no matter if your focus is longevity, health optimization or simply staying in shape, recovering from injuries or dealing with daily stress, chronic pain or slowing down the signs of aging.

With One Thirty Labs we have created a one-stop Longevity and Health studio, all tailored to support and enhance your body and minds own ability to heal, regenerate, recover and strengthen itself. All naturally.

– Tine Hertz, founder

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Recover faster. Accelerate metabolism. Hack jetlag. Boost immunity. Whatever you’re seeking, experience an immediate shift in your state with our therapies. Accelerate your evolution with consistency.


For boosting the immune system, and much more.


Workout without having to spend hours in the gym.


For a detoxified, relaxed and healthy body.


Stimulates and repairs cells for a better immune function.


Targeted pain and inflammation relief.


For faster recovery and lymphatic drainage.


For effective healing of a broad range of skin conditions.


For reducing various skin conditions.


Reduce skin conditions and ensure firmer, smoother skin.


Tightens, tones and reduces stretch marks and cellulite.


A non-invasive way to get a six-pack or a natural butt lift.


Relieve stress, heal the mind and improve mood.