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  • Key factors you didn’t know about sustainable weight loss

    When you’re on a weight loss journey, there are a number of other key factors that play an essential role, when it comes to sustainable weight loss. A healthy diet and exercise are not always enough.

  • What is meditation?

    Meditation is a state of calm, love and being present right now and here.

  • Functional medicine

    The core of the company, Center of Functional Medicine is to get people healthy.

  • Well-being starts with a ‘why’

    Most of us have an idea of WHAT we want to accomplish. The HOW is also pretty clear, but we need to find out WHY. When you set your goals in life, always remember to ask yourself – WHAT is my purpose underlying my goals?

  • Home hacks to improve your well-being during lockdown

    To me a healthy and balanced lifestyle is everything and especially in these times, where most of us tend to snack a bit more than usual and might squeeze in an extra glass of wine or two.

  • How you treat yourself, will reflect on how the world sees you

    Wellbeing and wellness are a very big part of who I am, my belief system and what I stand for. If we want to show up into this world, as the best version of ourselves, it’s crucial, that we take care of ourselves first.

  • Costume – Magazine

    Costume – Magazine One Thirty Labs refererer til de 130 minusgrader, som er temperaturen på den mur af afkølet luft, du mødes af, når du træder ind i den kolde Whole Body Cryo sauna hos klinikken One Thirty Labs i København. Kulde er nemlig udgangspunktet for det univers, Tine Hertz, har bygget om naturlig e…

  • Berlingske – Newspaper

    Berlingske – Newspaper >> Berlingske is testing a cryo-sauna, where you expose your body to about minus 130 degrees – and the effect should be: Better combustion, release of endorphins – and beautiful skin.<< >> The first thought is: Do I really need to get into this chamber that says “minus 120 degrees” on the screen…

  • Skøn – Magazine

    Skøn – Magazine If you dream of an even and firm skin with a beautiful glow, cryotherapy may be the solution for you. Read along when the SKØN tests whether extremely cold temperatures can do wonders for your skin. >>You no longer have to go winter bathing to feel the adrenaline rush when your body is exposed…

  • Liebhaverboligen – Magazine

    Liebhaverboligen – Magazine >>Within the beauty and wellness universe, new, trendy and innovative ways are created to keep us healthy and beautiful. Why not take advantage of science and modern technology to find effective routines in our everyday lives? Lienhaverboligen has taken a look at a number of smart and innovative trends that may not…