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Mention skincare and skin health, and people generally think of lotions, oils, masks, and supplements.
The wrong products can cause toxicity, dry the skin, promote the growth of pathogens, weaken the skin’s barriers, and decrease immunity. But it’s not just about the products you use, or your skincare routines. As with your health in general, a holistic skincare plan is key if you want life-long radiant, glowing skin (and at the same time, improving your overall health).

The skin is among the body’s largest organs and it protects us from environmental toxins, pathogens, and chemicals. It’s also a window into the inner workings of your body and can display issues before they worsen.

Almost like a visual report card into various health biomarkers:

  • Immune system
  • Digestion
  • Gut health
  • Liver and detox
  • Inflammation
  • Health span

The key to biohacking your skin is what we call “bio-harmonic”.
Being bio-harmonic means harmonisation of body and mind, and understanding the connection between your health – both physically and mentally – and your skins appearance.

how to create a bio-harmonic skincare approach?

1. Identify your starting point

First, track your current skincare routines and habits and understand any imbalances or health issues that might affect you and your skin. One Thirty Labs offers different health checks which will deep dive into your genes, blood, and biomarkers. It will expose what’s really going on inside you and enables you to realise your full potential and identify any imbalances or issues that might effect your skin health.

2. Reduce negative factors that impacts your skin health

Let’s reduce the stressors and negative factors that might impact you by understanding your environment, behaviour and overall lifestyle:

Look around you, what does your environment contain? For example; what furniture and cleaning products are you using? To what extent are you exposed to radiation? These factors can have a negative influence on your liver, hormone levels, digestion, and can impair detoxification. All factors that can result in a bad skin condition.

What do I consume? Try to avoid refined sugars, inflammatory foods, and products with the antibiotic pesticide glyphosate and make sure to drink clear water. Healthy nutrition helps to improve your gut health and digestion which then improves your skin condition.

Take a close look at your beauty and skin products & supplements. Using clean products is vital for good skin health. At One Thirty Labs we have curated a unique portfolio of toxin free products and supplements, to make it easy for you to find the right products for skin, hair and cleaning.
Use the app EWG Think Dirty to track all your products. The app analyses the ingredients of the products to determine which one is harmful and which ones are safe for the skin.

Finally, a healthy lifestyle is important. Alcohol usage, smoking, and getting too little sleep is not beneficial for our skin. Neither is emotional or mental stress factors. Stress is one of the biggest factors which unbalances your hormones, threatening a your skin and overall health.

3. Biohack your body & mind for better skin health

At One Thirty Labs we offer a number of different biohacking treatments that helps your skins appliance and health – from inside out. Our heat & cold therapies and light exposure all influences overall health, immune function and wellbeing, and improves skin condition.
For the face specifically we recommend you to look into our targeted face treatments, which shows great results on both numerous skin issues, but also promotes a healthy, glowing and younger looking skin over time Light Therapy Face, Cryo Facial, Cryo Skin. Besides that, dry brushing, and grounding are also very important factors. To help you to ground and train your meditation skills, we offer meditation sessions in our Meditation pod


To reach a bio-harmonic skin condition, you should first identify your current skin health, check your environment and review not only your skin care routines and products, but also overall lifestyle and behaviour. Lastly, try to ground and balance your body and mind in order to reduce your stress levels. Before you know it, your skin will be strong, glowy and healthy as never before.