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welcome a more toned, vibrant, healthier you with our bootcamp

With a personalized holistic approach, cutting-edge treatments, and invigorating training, our bootcamp is designed to elevate your body and enhance your well-being. The program helps to kickstart a healthy weight loss, tighten and tone your body and give you a radiant glow from inside out. The program can be done in 4, 8 or 12 weeks, depending on your unique schedule and needs.

  • 4-week bootcamp: 4.995,- (save 3.338,-)
  • 8-week bootcamp: 9.995,- (save (6.676,-)
  • 12-week bootcamp: 14.995,- (save 10.014,-)

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the program includes:

  • Body composition analysis
  • Initial consultation with one of our health advisors
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Personalised Body Upgrade plan & schedule
  • 8 x EMS training
  • 12 x Compression Therapy
  • 2 x Infrared Sauna + 2 x Whole Body Cryo per week
  • Bi-weekly check-ins

what will you gain?

  • Personalized guidance and insights into individual health needs and goals
  • Efficient and targeted workouts, promoting muscle engagement and strength
  • Kickstart healthy weight loss
  • Enhanced recovery and overall well-being through increased blood circulation
  • Detoxification, relaxation, promoting skin health & overall well-being
  • Reduced inflammation

why should I invest in a bootcamp program?

The prerequisites for lasting weight loss often extend beyond just adopting a better diet, consuming fewer calories, and engaging in more exercise. If you experience poor sleep, your body is under stress, or hormonal imbalances are present, a conventional weight loss diet and program may further stress your body, leading to the opposite effect: your body clings even more firmly to its fat deposits.

This is a key reason why many individuals encounter difficulties shedding weight, even when, on paper, they appear to be following the right practices by consuming fewer calories than they burn. Additionally, an excess of toxins and heavy metals in the body can impede normal weight loss.

At One Thirty Labs, we initiate any weight loss or health journey by understanding your starting point and identifying any underlying issues that may act as barriers to achieving sustainable and longlasting weight loss.

who is it for?

Everyone, regardless of gender or age, who wants to create a lasting transformation and optimize their health and well-being. Whether you are looking to lose weight, build muscle strength, tone and shape your body, or simply want to establish healthier routines in your everyday life.

treatment overview

treatment overview


Whole-body cryotherapy uses cold dry air to stimulate your body’s self-healing processes. This leads to faster recovery, reduce inflammation, helps pain management, improve mood disorders and helps manage stress conditions, results in better skin and improved sleep.


Improve blood circulation, speed up recovery, reduce the risk of injuries and avoid “heavy legs”. The compression suit uses compressed air to massage your limbs, which helps mobilize excess fluid “trapped” in your tissue and improve circulation in your body.


Full-spectrum infrared saunas safely penetrate the skin to increase the body’s core temperature, resulting in a detoxifying sweat that leaves you healthier and glowing.


EMS is a highly effective full-body electric muscle stimulation training. EMS allows us to activate muscles, which is almost impossible to activate through normal training, and this enables us to create significant, visual changes to our body – fast and efficiently.


Our body analysis scale helps measure body fat percentage, by calculating your body fat in relation to your total body weight. With the analysis, you can get unique insights on how to change your lifestyle, exercise plan, or health care practices. It also shows your amount of visceral fat and metabolic age.

learn more about the treatments

learn more about the treatments

For faster recovery, lymphatic drainage and reduction of fluid overload.
compression therapy More about Compression Therapy
For boosting your immune system, faster recovery, reduced inflammation, pain management, improved sleep, and much more. whole body cryo More about Whole Body Cryo For a detoxified, relaxed and healthy body. infrared sauna More about Infrared Sauna For a stronger and more toned body. EMS training More about EMS Training