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  • Battle Cellulite & Loose Skin

    Cellulite and sagging skin can arise from various factors, impacting self-confidence. While there are different methods promising results, we advocate commencing with holistic approaches to address root causes and enhance overall well-being.

  • The latest season of One Thirty Biohacks

    Dive into One Thirty Biohacks for the latest in health and longevity secrets. Explore cutting-edge biohacking techniques for optimal well-being and actionable steps to enhance vitality.

  • Biohack your way to a beautiful healthy looking skin

    Mention skincare and skin health, and people generally think of lotions, oils, masks, and supplements.

  • How can Whole Body Cryotherapy impact Metabolism and Weight loss?

    In our experience, sustainable weight loss comes from an overall healthy lifestyle and is affected by a number of different factors.

  • The future of Health

    Curious to know what’s on the international health agenda?
    Get a quick overview of some of the primary trends within the health and wellness space for the coming year.

  • Listen in on our New Health podcast One Thirty Biohacks!

    What defines a long healthy life? What does the top experts, high performers, doctors and health practioners do to optimise their health and wellbeing? Listen in and learn more on how you can start optimising your health.

  • Podcast Recommendations

    We always seek inspiration and knowledge in podcasts and books – we have found the best scientists, doctors, and health profiles to inspire us

  • Tine Hertz standing close to the Whole Body Cryo chamber

    “I remember the butterflies in my stomach when i tried Whole Body Cryo” – Tine Hertz

    With a long career in the advertising and media industry – a busy life as a female entrepreneur, a mother and co-owner of several companies – long working days combined with an active social life and many traveling days a year, began to make its marks on my energy levels, health and appearance.

  • Why Red and Near-infrared Light Therapy is something you need to include in your health routine?

    Over the years as research into red light therapy has progressed, the astonishing benefits of the red-light therapy has become quite apparent with over 5000 clinical studies today. But let’s look at why this therapy form is like food for your cells, body and mind?

  • Why Infrared Sauna?

    The infrared treatment supports the body’s own processes in a number of important areas and helps rid the body of toxins while cleansing the skin with the excess sweating.