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medically approved equipment

We use the best equipment on the market and our Cryo machines are all CE certified – and therefore medically approved within the required category. The CE declaration is an insurance that the equipment complies with current EU legislation.

CTN is the brand behind our CRYO machines, who are considered to be one of the leading manufacturers within Cryo treatments. The machines are produced in Finland, where the government as one of the first countries in the world have put bio-hacking on the agenda and are actively supporting further research and development within this area.

CTN is sponsoring the Finnish OL team as well as the Formel 1 driver Kimi Räikkönen.


During the period 02.07.2019 – 30.09.2021, Cryotech Nordic OÜ participates in EAS Development Program. The total budjet of the project is EUR 867 427.00, of which the grant from Enterprise Estonia is EUR 390 342.15. The goal of the project is to achieve the market leader position in the field of cryotechnology due to innovative solutions and a wide range of offered cryo cabins and devices for local cryotherapy. Cryotech Nordic OÜ aims to increase the company’s turnover and profitability through new higher value-added cryo equipment product development.

During the period 01.02.2019 – 30.06.2022 Enterprise Estonia supports Cryotech Nordic OÜ participation in foreign expos. The total budget of the project EU53091 is 51 296,00 euros, of which the grant size from Enterprise Estonia is 41 036,80 euros. The aim of the project is to find new customers and increase export turnover of cryodevices.

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healthcare professionals

At One Thirty Labs our staff are educated healthcare professionals, who offer professional advice and guidance targeted to your specific issues and conditions.
All our staff are educated health professionals within their respective fields of expertise – and they all have the appropriate certifications to ensure the highest possible standard of both our treatments, safety and consultancy.
Our inhouse doctor specializes in functional medicine and infrared scanning and offers years of experience within pain management
and sports injuries & performance optimization being a former sports athlete herself.


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science based and clinically proven

We have spent years researching and testing the different treatments we offer, and have tested numerous machines and equipment on the market. All our treatments are scientifically documented and carefully curated in order to ensure maximum effect – safely and time efficiently.


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