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Whole Body Cryotherapy stimulates the body’s natural healing abilities through exposure to extreme cold.

Whole Body Cryotherapy was developed in Japan, in 1978, by Dr. Yamouchi as a treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis. In 1984, the German Rheumatologist, Professor Reinhard Fricke, brought Whole Body Cryotherapy to Europe, where it became increasingly popular.

Over the past three decades, it gained even more popularity as it’s performance-enhancing and general health – and wellness benefits have become more well-known.

“Cold applications have become the most important form of passive physical therapy insports medicine.”– From the book “Power of the Cold” by Dr. Winfried Papenfub.

By exposing the skin to extremely low temperatures, a unique beneficial reaction in the brain and body is obtained – which is the result of cold thermogenesis. Even smaller-to-moderate chills can increase the body’s metabolism by up to 300%, burn significant calories and ensure the production of “brown fat” (BAT).

Brown fat burns white fat, which is normally found in the human core. This activates a mechanism where the body quickly can lose several kilograms. The treatment ensures that the body’s blood is drawn away from the cold affected areas, but it is quickly projected back and ensures a deep anti-inflammatory process that affects the entire body and flushes toxins out from the system.

High levels of oxygen in the blood enhances the effect, and with improved circulation, more nutrients and oxygen are available for the tissues, which improves energy, muscle recovery and promotes collagen. In addition to burning 500-800 calories over the next 24-48 hours, one can expect a cessation of pain, better sleep and improved mood.

As a perfect complement to diet and exercise, and when used regularly as a therapeuticmechanism, cryotherapy works as a biohack to your body’s systems, accelerating your weight loss goals. By consistently tricking your brain into thinking you live in an extreme cold environment, your body adapts by building up Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT or Brown Fat) and burning at a higher metabolic rate.

Shivering burns serious calories, and individuals with faster metabolism consistently burn glucose and shed fat faster than those with a slower burn rate.

BAT is a unique kind of fat which activates and burns calories when you get cold.

Specifically, BAT generates heat by burning the regular white fat that typically resides in the human midsection (stomach, butt, hips and legs).

Babies in particular, have high levels of BAT to generate heat and keep them warm, but levels of BAT tend to lessen as one ages. Research has shown that a person subjected to cold on a regular basis will increase their levels of BAT. Activating and increasing levels of BAT provides a mechanism by which the body can shed pounds fast.

  • Accelerated weight loss
  • Increased metabolism
  • Improved oxygen utilitzation
  • Detoxification
  • Anti-inflammation
  • Pain reduction
  • Prevention of development of pain memory (chronic pain)
  • Reduces oxidative stress
  • Accelerated muscle and tissue repair
  • Modulated activity levels in the brain, thereby contributing towards a balanced mental state
  • Improved sleep patterns, stress management, and helps with states of depression
  • Strengthened immune system

In order to achieve the maximum weight loss results with Quick Cryo, in addition to healthy eating and exercise, we recommend 10-20 times over a 30-day period.

If you are seeking to reduce pain and/or are recovering from a surgery or injury, using both whole body and local cryotherapy every day for the first 30 days should dramatically reduce recovery time.

Once the desired results have been achieved on the problem area, a regimen of every-other to every-third day is recommended for regular maintenance and injury prevention. The more frequently you use cryotherapy the more it will help with inflammation and body rejuvenation.

In short: All – with a few exceptions.

Cryo-therapy boosts the body’s natural ability to heal and regenerate itself – regardless of age and gender.

Our customers come for many different reasons. People with chronic pain and diseases such as Arthritis, sclerosis, diabetes and chronic pain use Cryo because it is anti-inflammatory and reduces pain. Cryo-therapy is also an effective tool to help the body recover faster after surgery, injury or illness. But most importantly, it reduces stress and anxiety, gives more energy, focus and a better mood. Most people also experience a positive effect on their sleep.

The following conditions or disorders should not be combined with Whole Body Cryotherapy:

Pregnancy, high blood pressure (BP & gt; 160/100), heart attack or any other cardiovascular disease, stent, cardiac pacemaker, deep vein thrombosis, stroke, uncontrolled seizures, Raynaud’s syndrome, fever within the last 24 hours or recent infection, bleeding disorders and cold allergy. Any open wounds will have to be bandaged.

Whole body cryotherapy was originally developed in Japan in 1978 and has been used in Europe and Japan for more than three decades. Multiple research studies have been published in medical journals about the effects of whole body cryotherapy, and in many European countries, the treatments are covered by medical insurance policies.

Cryotherapy saunas or spas have been used for almost 40 years. The only danger is if a client steps into the machine with wet clothing, especially wet socks, as water will freeze immediately at these temperatures.

The nitrogen used to cool the chambers is the same nitrogen that makes up the air we breathe (actually 78% of it). In either type of chamber, you will breathe room-air. For added safety, chambers are also equipped with an oxygen monitor. In order to protect the more temperature sensitive tissues such as hands and feet, clients wear dry socks, slippers, and gloves, which we provide.

There are generally no side effects apart from the amount you urinate can increase slightly three days after treatment, along with color alteration in your urine.

In few cases, there has been reported side-effects such as localized redness that disappeared after a few hours. There may also be some itching without consequences and often this is a reaction to certain cosmetic products used by clients. To avoid these risks please avoid the use of any before coming in for treatment.

In rare case some report experiences of delayed onset muscle soreness from treatments on the stomach due to unintentionally engaging the abdominals. Discomfort has however been noted to disappear later that same evening.

In very rare cases, where have been reports of local pain (however limited to two to three hours).

Before treatment you are required to dress in protective clothing composed of cotton socks, cotton underwear (for men), and gloves. The treatment is of short duration (2-3 minutes), and the cold is ‘dry’, so it is very tolerable. Towards the end of the treatment, you may get a ‘pins and needles’ sensation, which disappears immediately after the treatment.

Our clients report they feeling good, in high spirits and energetic after treatments.

During each session the body releases endorphins, which are hormones that make you feel good and energetic. The buoyant effects from each session last at least six – eight hours and increase with number of treatment sessions. Typically, most clients feel immediate decrease of inflammation, improved energy and increased flexibility within the first few minutes or hours that will last for several hours or even days.

Some may not feel the first impact until the next morning after a sleep cycle – where many report deeper sleep and relief from joint and muscle pain and inflammation over the following 48-72 hours.

Whole body cryotherapy treatments are very different for the body. Three minutes of extreme, dry cold reaches only the outer skin layers and receptors causing the brain to restrict blood flow to an internal cycle. Fifteen minutes of cold-water therapy initially causes the body to move blood to the extremities and results in a chilled lowering of the body’s core temperature.

No, nitrogen is a non-toxic gas. Nitrogen composes approximately 78% of the air we breathe. The other components are roughly 20% Oxygen, and small amounts other gases.

No. The immediate cold impact of the cryotherapy session will raise the internal body temperature for a short period of time.

No, you don’t need to. This procedure is absolutely dry and does not make your skin wet.

Whole body cryotherapy is very well tolerated. Your blood pressure can change +/- 10% during a treatment, but this effect reverses after the end of the procedure, as peripheral circulation returns to normal.

In rare cases there has been reported allergic reactions to extreme cold, claustrophobia, redness, and skin burns (if exposed to low temperatures longer than recommended).

Anyone with the conditions below should not engage in treatments:

  • Severe Raynaud’s syndrome
  • People who suffer from very poor circulation
  • Pregnant women
  • Severe diabetes
  • Cancer

No, we will provide you with everything you need.

Other methods of fat removal primarily involve necrotic cell death by damaging fat with heat, high-intensity focused ultrasound, or chemical injections.

Each approach poses potential technical challenges, particularly with respect to targeting the right tissue depth and unintended damage to other structures close to or within the fat layer. Predictability of efficacy using these other techniques is also uncertain.

The Cool-Sculpting procedure induces apoptosis only in fat cells to gently and gradually reduce the fat layer while preserving all other tissue.