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18. marts 2021

functional medicine

We at One Thirty Labs have had the pleasure of talking to the founder of Copenhagen Center of Functional Medicine, Ulrik Hjerpsted. Ulrik is one of the leading functional physicians and specialists in vascular surgery in Denmark.

The core of the company, Center of Functional Medicine is to get people healthy.

We started the company back in 2019, with a slow flow of people. I had my own journey, with health aspects, and a bad healthcare system, so I wanted to help others with the same conditions.

We focus on the 4 pillars of health. Sleep, Mental Health, Good food, and exercise. 

What is functional medicine?
Functional medicine is really looking into food and lifestyle changes, to cure people or prevent them from getting sick. Healthcare is better than “sickcare”.
We want you to have the best health. Medicine has historically focused on treating diseases and symptoms. We see health as an integrated network of many functions and not as individual organs to be treated when they break down.

How does it work?
Its individual, every patient is unique, and every human body works differently, so we listen to all people’s problems and try to fix them with logical, healthy changes, at normally improve people’s health within weeks.
We use medical tests (add: if needed) together with new and innovative methods to get to the bottom of your health. Each patient is unique and receives personal treatment which will also cover e.g., supplements, regular medications, diets, stress techniques, infrared light treatments and movement.
We treat the “root” cause, instead of the symptoms and thereby helping several problems one could have.
All our treatments are based on data and research from leading international researchers.

What are the main therapies that you use?
Optimising sleep, getting exercise, changing food habits, and types, meditation, walking.

What does Biohacking mean to you?
Well biohacking is N=1, it means that you are your own test person, and the fact that you have a mindset where you try things out, and see how it works, and then either don’t do it or keep doing it, if it improves your health or do nothing.

What is your opinion on chronic disease? Do you believe some can be reversible?
I believe that most chronic diseases can be reversed or prevented. Yes.

What is the most unique thing about your way of treating your patients? 
We are looking at the entire person as a hole (Holistic approach) and try to fix it by making logical healthy changes.

Tell us about why you think people need this?
Well because our healthcare system today is only treating acute illness, and don’t really care if people are “a little sick” (gives them problems but not traceable on blood tests)

What do you want to give your clients, that they can’t get elsewhere?
A better healthy life, without any illnesses.
At Copenhagen Center of Functional Medicine, we look at whole solutions and we have long experience with implementing changes in peoples life, for optimal health and a long life.

What would you recommend your clients, to be able to achieve the most optimal results from your treatments?
Well give it a try for 3-4 months and see how it feels. Again, it’s all about trying different ways of improving your health and see if you feel better. As I said before, you are your own test person.

Point out some of our treatments that you think can be advantageously combined with your treatments?
I think Cryo could be a good supplement to a functional medical aspect, but also, infrared and red-light therapy are good options.

What is the best piece of health advice that you would like to pass on?
Start fasting, don’t eat junk, and get your sleep right 🙂