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the gift that truly keeps on giving; self-care

Whether it’s to your significant other, your friend or family, the best gift to give is the one that makes them feel great about themselves.

This holiday season, why not give something that will help your friends and loved ones take some much-needed me-time? Or perhaps gift yourself with a little self-love.

We’ve rounded up the best gift ideas that will encourage anyone on your list to treat themselves and start incorporating healthy habits into their lives. The best part: it’s affordable and we have beautiful gift cards for you to pick up in our studio, if you prefer to put something physical under the tree this year.

We are just around the corner in the center of Copenhagen, Palægade 2 and we are ready to guide you through our different treatments and help you find the best gift for your loved ones.
We are here to assist you and help you, so feel free to stop by or call us +45 31313591 for any questions.

the ultimate selfcare package

The ultimate Self-care package is for anyone who is in the need of a complete boost & rejuvenation of the body!

Benefits – detox – destress – relieve sore muscles and pain – boost blood circulation and collagen production – enhance mood and spirit – relax and rejuvenate body and mind.

Duration: 2 hours.

The ultimate self-care package can be purchased online, but booking must be done by email: or phone: +45 31 31 35 91

  • Start out with a 30 min. combination of Compression therapy and LED light therapy, for your face
  • Afterwards you’ll get a full detox, muscle relaxing and pain-relieving session in our Infrared sauna for 30 min. Relax and enjoy the silence or a podcast or music of your choice
  • Depending on your mood you can then choose either a 20 min. LED light therapy, body or a guided meditation in the Mediation Pod
  • Finish off with an energizing 3 min. of whole-body boost in our Whole Body Cryo chamber
  • Add EMS training for a strong and time efficient workout if you wish
per month
1.995 DKK

our gift card

Give him or her the freedom to pick out whatever they want, according to which health, beauty, fitness or weight goals they have in mind. Buy your digital gift card online and send it by email or buy with MobilePay and pick it up in the Studio. Pay the desired gift card amount to 515554, and we will prepare your gift card. You can pick it up in Palægade 2, whenever it suits you, until 23 th of December.

the health commitment membership

By gifting someone with our Health commitment membership, you make sure that they have the best starting point for good and healthy habits. Our membership offers you a selection of hand-picked treatments and techniques for a healthy and balanced lifestyle along with a strong and healthy body. All treatments are 100% natural and focused on boosting and strengthening the body’s own ability to heal, renew and regenerate oneself.

A membership at One Thirty Labs includes monthly access to:

  • 4 x Cryo Facial or Localised Cryo
  • 4 x LED light therapy, Body
  • Free access to Meditation Pod, based on availability
  • Free herbal tea and a vitamin shot after treatments
  • 10 percent on all product purchases
  • 10 percent on all treatment purchases – Free access / entrance to One Thirty Labs events
per month
495 DKK

the personal gift

A gift that not only makes you smell good, but also feel good!

AMATRIUS® Eau de Parfums has been formulated as the first fragrance series to specifically activate the 350 different human scent receptors at the cellular level – according to the individual emotional state we wish to achieve, maintain or stimulate. Can be purchased in store only.