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sitre care & intimacy oil

Intimacy is many things and this oil is made to explore what it can be for you.

Sitre’s care & intimacy oil is a 100 ml blend made from all-natural ingredients including organic argan, organic coconut and organic apricot kernel. the nurturing combination makes it perfect for both massage, care and pleasure.

Price: Sitre’s care & intimacy oil 100 ml – 360 DKK


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mist fra love & stones

Love & Stones mist scents that can be sprayed on bedding, towels and clothes. There are crystals in the bottle which you transfer to the textiles when you spray with the mist. Pillow mist gives a delicious aromatic and energizing scent to the bedroom, the bath or your clothes.

Price: mist from Love & Stones – 229 DKK


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woods – 24-hour hydra gel

High-performance, earth-minded skincare with a mission. A water-based, non-greasy gel formulated to deliver instant and intense hydration and a healthy appearance with a matte surface.

Price: 24-HOUR HYDRA GEL – 300 DKK




candles from love & stones

The scented candles are made from natural soy wax. There are crystals in the wax, and their energy is carried out into the room when you light the candles. Crystals are said to absorb and change energy – with Love & Stones you can nourish your body with good energies every day.

Price: Love & Stones candle – 549 DKK


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cryo facial (facemask)

The cold air applied to the face improves blood flow and circulation and leaves you instantly energised. The treatment stimulates cell rejuvenation and increases collagen production for firmer, smoother and more elastic skin. This treatment reduces wrinkles, irritation, rosacea and other skin problems, such as acne. 


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sitre sex gel

Sitre is a new Danish sex wellness brand founded by Julie and Cecilie. They are on a mission to empower everyone to be serious about pleasure by making high quality products that elevates every intimate moment.

The allergy-friendly and nontoxic silicone gel is made with a high concentration of silicone and natural oils to create a smooth lube that doesn’t get absorbed by the skin, unlike water-based gels. This is ideal for long-lasting pleasure as the moisturising gel stays on the skin for extra ease and no friction…

Price: Sitre sex gel 150 ml – 290 DKK


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gift ideas for under
a thousand DKK

gift ideas for over
a thousand DKK

gift ideas for under
a thousand DKK

gift ideas for over
a thousand DKK

advent calendar for her

Advent gifts for her who wants to be pampered to the skies this Christmas. This package is composed of the best products and treatments with a focus on beauty care, anti-aging and well-being for body and mind.

advent calendar for him

We have selected the best gifts for him, so you can win the title of best gift giver of the year. The package contains treatments, training and products that strengthen his body and mind and ensure that he gets the ultimate feeling of well-being.