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one thirty labs gift card

Give him or her the freedom to choose between all our treatments, products and wellness experiences. Buy your digital gift card online and send it via e-mail or stop by the One Thirty Labs studio to get your physical gift card, ready to put under the tree.

Buy for 1.000 DKK get 1250 DKK (20% value on top)
Buy for 2.500 DKK get 3125 DKK (25% value on top)
Buy for 5.000 DKK get 6500 DKK (30% value on top)


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microbiome test from unseen

Gut health affects everything from our inflammation levels to immune system. To really get an overview of your health & what’s going on inside you, it’s a great idea to get your microbiome health tested

Price: 1.995 DKK


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health check-up

Do you want to boost your health and well-being? Or fight off any sickness, pain or other conditions you might be dealing with? A good starting point is a fundamental health assessment.

Here’s what’s included in the health check-up:
– Body/mind test
– Body composition analysis
– Health plan
– Go through results and plan with Health Advisor

Price: 3.995 DKK


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giftguide_longevity test

longevity program

Start the Foundation of your longevity journey with this targeted program that will help assess your bio-age, inflammation levels and other elements in your body composition that impact your health and aging processes. We will take you through the fundamentals of how to live your life at your fullest potential, now and in the future.

The program includes:
– The fundamentals of a long and healthy life (workshop)
– suPAR test
– Body composition analysis
– Light, infrared and cryo therapies x 2 week
– 1 x breathwork class weekly
– 2 x strength training weekly (20 min EMS with a private instructor)
– Personal guidance and consultation

4 weeks – 5.995 DKK
8 weeks – 10.995 DKK
12 weeks – 16.995 DKK


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4-week body bootcamp

Welcome a more toned, vibrant, healthier you with our bootcamp. You can start anytime.

The bootcamp includes:
– Initial consultation with one of our health advisors
– Personalised Body Upgrade plan & schedule
– 8 x EMS training
– 12 x Compression Therapy
– 2 x Infrared Sauna + 2 x Whole Body Cryo per week

4 week bootcamp – 4.995 DKK
8 week bootcamp – 9.995 DKK
12 week bootcamp – 14.995 DKK


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ayurvedic cleanse

Program starts on 15th of January
This cleanse is designed to eliminate toxins, mold, and heavy metals while establishing the foundation for healthier routines and principles that you can easily incorporate into your daily life.

The cleanse includes:
– Introduction to the fundamentals of Ayurveda: 3 sessions, one each week (January 15, 22, and 29)
– 2 Infrared sauna sessions per week (If you live far away, there is an option to purchase an infrared blanket instead)
– 2 yoga and meditation or breathwork sessions per week

Plus, you’ll receive an Ayurveda Starter Kit valued at 1500,-, which includes:
– Herbs and oils from By Korsholm
– Dry brush from Karmameju
– Tongue scraper
– Ayurveda cookbook from Jasmine Hemsley

3 weeks – 3.795 DKK


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6 x MMS sculpt

Treat yourself or a loved one to our most loved toning treatment! MMS Sculpt is the newest non-invasive way to get that six-pack you always dreamt of or defy gravity with a natural butt lift. You can also treat thighs, arms or calves. One 30-minute session can be equivalent to 10 x 40 minutes at the gym.
We recommend 6 – 10 sessions for best results.

Price: 6 x mms sculpt – 4.995 DKK (save 1000,-)


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heat booster

Nourish the body with extra light and warmth in the cold winter months. Light and heat therapies are one of the easiest, yet efficient ways to boost wellness, mood and immunity. Enjoy this attractive offer combining our infrared Sauna with LED light therapy for the whole body leaving you feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and in high spirits. 

Price: 3 x Infrared sauna + 3 x LED body 1.195 DKK


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infrared sauna blanket

The Sauna Carpet naturally increases cellular activity in the body and stimulates blood circulation, increases fat burning and cleanses the body of waste products. The soothing yet stimulating warmth provides an uplifting sensation that leaves many feeling both relaxed and euphoric.

Price: Infrared sauna blanket – 5.495 DKK


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6 months basic membership

Treat yourself to the simplest way of boosting your health. Among other things, you’ll get the chance to join our community, get an inital health consultation, participate in our events & talks, get a free treatment every month. 

Price: 2.370 DKK

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6 months optimised membership

Understand any vitamin deficiencies you might be dealing with and get the insights needed to make your health transformation as efficient and targeted as possible. Be part of a community which inspires you – and where you can inspire others – to get healthier, happier and more fit.

Price: 5.370 DKK


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gift ideas for under
a thousand DKK

See selection

gift ideas for under
a thousand DKK

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advent calendar for her

Advent gifts for her who wants to be pampered to the skies this Christmas. This package is composed of the best products and treatments with a focus on beauty care, anti-aging and well-being for body and mind.

advent calendar for him

We have selected the best gifts for him, so you can win the title of best gift giver of the year. The package contains treatments, training and products that strengthen his body and mind and ensure that he gets the ultimate feeling of well-being.