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gifts for under a thousand DKK

All the gifts can be bought in One Thirty Labs, where we are ready to both help you find the right gift and wrap it nicely.

gifts for under a thousand DKK

All the gifts can be bought in One Thirty Labs, where we are ready to both help you find the right gift and wrap it nicely.


sleep well

Gift your loved one a relaxation boost! Help them reconnect and destress in our Meditation pod and recharge and boost energy levels and mood with our LED Light for the full body. Top it off with the highest quality Magnesium supplements from Puori for healthy energy production and good sleep.

Price: Sleep Magnesium 120 tablets + Meditation pod and LED body – 495 DKK


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couples package: sauna and cryo

Enjoy some quality time with your loved one in our warming, health boosting infrared sauna and boost immunity & longevity with a Whole Body Cryo session.
Our Infrared sauna uses heat/light to detoxify the body, boost relaxation, pain relief, weight loss, improved circulation, skin purification and more! Our Whole Body Cryo is an extra immune and energy boost which also increases circulation, decreases stress hormones in the body – leaving you feeling lighter, more energised and in high spirits.

Price: 2x Infrared sauna and 2x Whole Body Cryo for 2 people – 995 DKK


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giftguide_longevity test

suPAR longevity test

The suPAR Longevity test serves as a valuable preventive tool, assessing your risk of developing serious diseases over the next 10 years. Regardless of the test results, gaining a comprehensive understanding of your health empowers you to protect it consciously and fine-tune your health efforts, through diet, exercise, sleep, and other Longevity interventions.

Price: 950 DKK


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sitre sex gel

Sitre is a new Danish sex wellness brand founded by Julie and Cecilie. They are on a mission to empower everyone to be serious about pleasure by making high quality products that elevates every intimate moment.

The allergy-friendly and nontoxic silicone gel is made with a high concentration of silicone and natural oils to create a smooth lube that doesn’t get absorbed by the skin, unlike water-based gels. This is ideal for long-lasting pleasure as the moisturising gel stays on the skin for extra ease and no friction…

Price: Sitre sex gel 150 ml – 290 DKK


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skin booster

Rejuvenating and skin smoothing anti-age beauty package. The combination of the cold and light therapy treatments with the hemp & CBD cream will boost collagen production, smooth out fine lines and enhance natural glow.

Price: LED face + CRYO facial + LIV Hemp & CBD Anti-Age day cream – 695 DKK


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collagen booster

Get your loved one a high quality collagen boosting gift. Besides other benefits, cryotherapy activates collagen production in your body and CP1 from Puori is a clean, high-quality hydrolyzed collagen powder, which only contains pure collagen peptides that ensure optimal absorption and function in the body.

Price: Cryo face + Collagen powder – 395 DKK


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cryo booster

Help your loved ones stay healthy and happy with an immune boosting gift! Scientifically-backed immune-boosting therapies you can use to fight off winter illness and holiday stress. Cryotherapy works by boosting the immune system, increasing antioxidant capacity, and therefore improving the body’s ability to fight harmful foreign invaders and heal itself. It furthermore leaves you with an instant energy and mood boost, while lowering stress hormones in the body.

Price: Whole Body Cryo and Cryo face – 495 DKK


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‘hygge’ package

Cozy up with your loved one for Christmas in our Infrared Sauna and help to ease your mind with the Love & Stones candle and Peace mist.

Price: Infrared sauna for 2 + Big candle + room spray – 995 DKK


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3 x whole body cryo

Give the gift of good health! Move through the holiday season with a healthy and balanced body and mind. Whole Body Cryo boosts your immune system, expedites recovery, reduces inflammation,  helps with pain management and improves sleep.

Price: 3 x Whole Body Cryo – 999 DKK


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one thirty labs gift card

Give him or her the freedom to choose between all our treatments, products and wellness experiences. Buy your digital gift card online and send it via e-mail or stop by the One Thirty Labs studio to get your physical gift card, ready to put under the tree.


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advent calendar for her

Advent gifts for her who wants to be pampered to the skies this Christmas. This package is composed of the best products and treatments with a focus on beauty care, anti-aging and well-being for body and mind.

advent calendar for him

We have selected the best gifts for him, so you can win the title of best gift giver of the year. The package contains treatments, training and products that strengthen his body and mind and ensure that he gets the ultimate feeling of well-being.