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10. februar 2021

home hacks to improve your well-being during lockdown

by Tine Hertz, founder of One Thirty Labs

To me, a healthy and balanced lifestyle is everything and especially in these times, where most of us tend to snack a bit more than usual and might squeeze in an extra glass of wine or two.

Being deprived of my favourite detox treatments at One Thirty Labs during this lockdown, I turn to my home hacks to improve my well-being. I’m happy to share some of my favourite home hacks with you and hope they’ll be useful. Keep up the good spirit and stay healthy.

infrared blanket

For detoxing and destressing my body and mind at home, I go for my detoxifying and tension relieving infrared sauna blanket. Combine it with a cold shower and you have the perfect immune-boosting home hack.

Hot and cold therapy has been used for decades to boost the immune system: improve circulation, decrease inflammation and detox the body while fresh blood pumps to all cells in your body, also boosting collagen production.

essential oils

Essential oils have long been part of my daily routine. Always having issues with a lot of tension in my shoulders and back, I used to get tension headaches quite a lot. Past tense by doTERRA has eliminated my intake of headache medicine.


Normally working out every day, I have become addicted to the many different online training options. It almost feels like being at the gym, and most of the online videos are available 24/7 through FB and Insta. Check out @powerhouscph for my favourite online training sessions. is another go-to of mine – especially her 20-30 min. Pilates and yoga flows are amazing if you don’t have a full hour.