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a new way of optimising your health, body, and mind.

One Thirty Labs is an urban oasis for everything related to your health and wellbeing. We help you achieve your health, beauty and work out goals.

we are an urban oasis
for wellbeing.

We help you achieve your health, beauty and fitness goals – faster and more efficient.

We have researched, tested and handpicked the newest treatments and technologies to curate a unique selection of treatments and products, all focused on enhancing and optimising your body’s own ability to heal, rejuvenate and regenerate itself – 100% naturally. In beautiful zen surroundings, offering elite service and great customer experience.

Restore your health reset your mind restore your health

renew & rejuvenate your body

we all have the right to feel good. look good. live longer.

Nevertheless many of us struggle to find the energy and time to incorporate those small habits and moments where we allow ourselves to be present, de-stress and improve our health and wellbeing.

At One Thirty Labs we want to make it easier to feel good and be healthier. With the newest biohacking treatments on the market, we have curated a broad selection of natural treatments, easy, fast, with no downtime, so that you can actually realistically incorporate them into your daily life.

make a long-term commitment to your health

Whether you’re just getting started or you are well versed in the health and wellness world, commit to the path that fits your lifestyle.

Our memberships are based on an add-on model, where you have a One Thirty Membership, and then add-on extra services and treatments depending on your mood, need and objectives.

the meditation pod

Instead of that extra coffee you most likely don’t need, take a quick break and stop by our meditation pod for 10 or 20 minutes of winding down and re-connecting with yourself.

Destress and sharpen your mind before an important meeting, a busy day at work – or simply just do it for your own wellbeing. Our meditation pod stimulates all senses, and ensures peace of mind. Free use is included in our One Thirty Membership.

the herbal bar

Enjoy a cup of our natural herbal tea. The selection of various teas target a number of different conditions or issues. We have collected the most efficient herbs, roots and leaves, all based on research and studies that show to stimulate better sleep, detox, increase blood flow, reduce inflammation and stress in your body.

conditions we treat

Dealing with chronic pain, injuries, arthritis or sclerosis? Suffering from headaches and migraines? Or simply just feeling a bit down at the moment? Learn more about the many conditions we treat, and the science behind them.