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3. february 2021

how you treat yourself, will reflect on how the world sees you

 – by model and founder of LIV Nutrition; Katharina Damm. 

Wellbeing and wellness are a very big part of who I am, my belief system and what I stand for. If we want to show up into this world, as the best version of ourselves, it’s crucial, that we take care of ourselves first.

How you treat yourself, will reflect on how the world sees you. This is in all aspects of life; family, friends, work, professional and romantic relationships etc. I really do believe that wellbeing, mental and physical, is the fundament for everything else we do in life. During this lockdown, I really got a chance to reconnect with myself, reprioritize my life, and focus on what really matters, as well as reflect and get clear on my future goals.

I am quite good at being alone, as I got used to it, when I lived in NY and LA for 13 years, traveling alone, working as a model and actress, so the alone time never really bothered me. But I do think, that during times like these, it’s really important to have a routine and a daily schedule and to-dos.
Therefore, I would like to share some of my essential Home Hacks with you here below:

get moving

I am currently taking my master’s degree, online, in international business, as well as running my company, Liv Nutrition, so I spend a lot of time in front of the computer working every day. Therefore, it’s essential for me to get some movement in during the day. I usually do half a day of work in the morning, then I’ll have a break and go for a run or a walk, or I’ll do some home workouts. I am obsessed with Melissa Wood and been doing her workouts for years! I absolutely love her vibe and what she stands for. If I need more grounding, I’ll do some yoga flow.

spiritual alignment

I start every day by meditating at least 20 minutes. It truly creates the fundament for my day ahead and my state of mind. I tend to get stressed easily, when I have a lot of things going on in my life, so to reconnect and get grounded, is essential for me. I have always been very interested in spiritual growth, and I love to read and listen to different spiritual authors, as a tool to get grounded and to re-prioritize myself and my life priorities as well as relationships. My top favourites are Marianne Williamson, Gabrielle Bernstein, Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins, Eckhart Trolle and Louise Hay.


What you put into your body, will reflect on how you feel mentally and physically. I am plant based for 13 years, so nutrition is something I am very interested in. Getting an abundant of fresh fruit, veggies, healthy fats, smoothies and juices daily, is one of my core principles. I currently do intermittent fasting, during the week, so when I break my fast, I always start with a green juice, and lots of fresh fruits. Then later in the day, I’ll have my lunch, which is typically avocado toasts and a smoothie. I snack on nuts and dried fruits during the day and then for dinner in the evening, I usually do cooked foods, like pesto pasta with avocados or tofu with sweet potatoes and tahini.


Sleep is so important and vital for everything and your health! I used to never be able to sleep cause my mind is always working – but I take my Liv Nutrition Calm formula every evening, before I go to bed, and it’s truly the only thing I ever tried that actually helps me sleep. I sleep like a baby when I take my CBD oils, and wake up fully recharged and with a clear mind.