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21. april 2021

key factors you didn’t know about sustainable weight loss

When you’re on a weight loss journey, several other key factors play an essential role when it comes to sustainable weight loss. A healthy diet and exercise are not always enough.

Hormonal imbalance, bad sleep, stress, emotional eating as well as genetic and hormonal factors, poor mental health and chronicle conditions, can all affect weight loss, and how fast you can achieve this. 

A weight loss that lasts, requires long-lasting changes and good habits.

Remember to be patient, as good habits can take time to build. It is more important to have some good eating habits that you can follow for the rest of your life, rather than just focusing on a super strict diet for a few weeks. It is better to focus on the process and be consistent.

But even with the right habits and workout, it can sometimes be difficult to achieve the weight loss you wish to achieve. We have described some of the key factors, that could be the reason why you’re not losing weight.


A continuous overproduction of stress hormones can lead to increased fat growth and the inability to lose weight. It has been documented that stress increases the craving for sugar, fat and salty foods. Likewise, the hormone cortisol is notorious for increasing the storage of fat around the abdominal region.

The hormone cortisol breaks down muscle mass into energy. It makes it virtually impossible to lose weight because muscle is our best friend when it comes to increased metabolism. Too high levels of Cortisol, therefore, slows down the metabolism, causes muscle loss and fat accumulations on the abdomen and arms.


Poor mental health can increase your hunger and your food choices are likely to change when you feel low or anxious. A study published in Physiology and Behavior determined that not only do we eat more when we don’t feel good, but the foods consumed are foods that are normally avoided for weight loss or health reasons (foods that are typically higher in calories and added sugar).

Using food for comfort is a common theme in many people’s lives, and for those who struggle with weight and mental wellness, the relationship with food is even more complicated. Furthermore, mental health challenges are often contributing factors to feeling lack of motivation and willpower and therefore a significant barrier to achieving weight loss goals.


A major obstacle to lasting weight loss is lack of energy – including lack of sleep. Lack of sleep makes it harder to lose weight and increases the amount of dangerous fat around our bodies. Fatigue goes beyond the desire to be physically active and at the same time it increases the craving for sugar – and that is a really bad combination. If you don’t get enough sleep your brain cell activities are active and don’t have ample time to relax, regroup and reenergize for the next day activities.

This can stress your body, affect your health, and your overall efficiency is strained due to a lack of adequate sleep. A natural way to help boost the melatonin levels, improve sleep and reduce cortisol levels, is by getting Whole Body Cryo treatments. Whole Body Cryotherapy stimulates a cold shock, which starts the body’s self-repair process. This results in faster recovery, anti-inflammation and pain management alongside less stress, enhanced mood, better metabolism, and improved sleep. 

Our approach for a sustainable weight loss journey is based on a holistic approach. This reflects in our combination of carefully handpicked treatments.

We know that everybody has different habits and that’s why we strive to make a personal health journey, with habits that last for life.

Book a free consultation with us and we’ll help you get started with a few simple steps, and shape the perfect treatment plan for you based on your targeted objectives and goals.