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We offer several programs which are all tailored to support you on your journey towards a healthier lifestyle and better health. These programs are typically targeted at different focus areas such as weight loss, detox, hormonal imbalances, etc. but all start from a holistic and personal approach to optimise your health. See current programs below or contact us for more information.


welcome a more toned, vibrant, healthier you with our bootcamp

With a personalized holistic approach, cutting-edge treatments, and invigorating training, our bootcamp is designed to elevate your body and enhance your well-being.

The program helps to kickstart a healthy weight loss, tighten and tone your body and give you a radiant glow from inside out. The program can be done in 4, 8 or 12 weeks, depending on your unique schedule and needs.

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explore the ancient practice of ayurveda and enjoy a natural cleanse to rid your body of toxins, mold and heavy metals

Start the new year cleansing from within and laying the foundation for new healthier routines and principles you can easily implement in your daily life.

Join us for a 3-week program starting on January 15th.

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start the year right, build new habits, cleanse, repair and rebuild a stronger, healthier you

Start the foundation of your longevity journey with this targeted program that will help assess your bio-age, inflammation levels and other elements in your body composition that impact your health and aging processes.

You can choose to do the program in 4, 8 or 12 weeks.

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reduce stress and build mental and physical resilience

Long periods of either physical or mental stress can lead to high cortisol levels, which can affect your energy levels, health, mood, and sleep.

The treatments included in our De-stress Program, help to reduce stress hormones in the body and build your resilience in difficult and stressful situations, just as they have a positive effect on both your sleep and mood.

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events and weekly classes As part of our community, we regularly host inspiring events, talks, and workshops with some of the leading experts in their field. You also have the opportunity to participate in our weekly breathwork, yoga and running sessions. Meet like-minded people and get inspired to optimise your health and well-being! See events