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20. jul 2022

The future of Health

There is often a much bigger connection between our mental and physical health –  and often physical pain or sickness is rooted in mental and emotional issues. 

Post pandemic 

I hope you are well ? But the fast is that many people aren’t. And understandably so after the last two years of pandemic. Recently Forbes catalogued that 2020 was the most stressfull year on record, together with record levels of sadness and anxiety. Not 12 month later we are at war in Europe. And next we are facing climate change.

But its not just our minds that suffers. Its also our bodies. Alarmingly 64% of UK adults are overweight and we have never had so high rates of lifestyle and chronical diseases as we have in the western world today. 

But there are good news !! 

It looks like we are adjusting, responding to these challenges. Recalculating. Recalibrating. 

We appear to be making a bigger effort to take care of our health and wellbeing. 

COVID-19 have obviously had a great impact over the past years – also looking forward at what Health and wellness trends that will be key drivers in our efforts to live longer, Healthier and happier. 

In the following we are giving you a short overview of some of the key Health drivers for the years to come. 


Expect to see the use of data and wearable devices and its advanced measurement, turbocharged by the progress in sensors, computing power and storage, to enable humans to more closely monitor and manage their own health and wellbeing. 

Living longer 

Understanding how we age and what can be done to slow down this process – also called Longevity – will be a key area within health optimisation in the years to come.

From lifespan to Health span 

We want to live longer, but more importantly we want to get as much put of the time we have. 

Lifespan is the total number of years we live whereas healthspan is how many of those years we remain healthy and free from decease. 

Understanding how we can improve our health and well-being NOW and help our bodies natural ability to Heal, rejuvenate and recover is essential if we want to improve our health span also through a more connected and healthy lifestyle. 

Healthy aging will be determined not only by your number of years, but 

  • Low probability of sickness or disability 
  • High cognitive and physical function 
  • Active engagement with life 

From sick care to self care 

Understanding and Treating the root cause instead the symptoms are probably the biggest and most important change in our way of understanding our health and how to improve not only life span and our longevity, but more importantly our health span. 

There is often a much bigger connection between our mental and physical health –  and often physical pain or sickness is rooted in mental and emotional issues. 

Mental health 

Decades ago Mental ill-health came with a stigma, but fortunately we live in more enlighten times, where we are comfortable discussing the issues we are facing related to mental health issues today.  Stress levels, depression and anxiety have never been higher and learning to manage and presentimental health issues will be one of the most important focus areas when it comes to health optimisation in the years to come. 

The spanish report – the mental state of the world  – covering over nearly 40 countries and the genereal mental health of their populations. The study shows that Venesuela rated themselves as the happiest people – despite political oppression, trade embargos and poverty. Interestingly enough the report shows that countries that have a high performance culture, where hitting targets, making money and driving forward ones carreer has the poorest mental health. 

UK game in 2nd from the bottom rating their mental health.  Another survey of 8000 UK schoolchildren aged 7-11, revealed that the word of the year in 2021 was “anxiety”. 

Connecting to Mother Nature 

Finally but equally important is our connection to our planet. She needs our attention and care more then ever, but we need her healing powers just as much. 

More and more will begin to understand the impact of energy, frequencies and vibrations on our health and well-being. And how this also motivates us to be more mindful about our environment and social relations. Giving and caring is never an bad investment 

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