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With the newest machine on the market, we now offer Cryo Contouring for the face and body. This revolutionary technology combines cold and heat therapy from -18°C to +45°C and has become a real game changer within the beauty industry.

With Cryo Body Contouring it’s possible to perform non-invasive and pain-free treatments involving thermal-shock for slimming, anti-ageing, rejuvenating and body sculpting results. The different cooperating procedures, which include contrast cryolipolysis, thermal shock, and LED therapy effects, allow extremely effective results.

Cryo Body Contouring breaks down fat cells through alternating heat and cold. It applies intervals of heat and cooling to targeted areas of the body, triggering a natural phenomenon called apoptosis (natural cell death), where your body will naturally flush out waste fat cells for a more toned and sculpted body. The treatment targets cellulite, fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating collagen and elastin production, tightening your muscles, and separating uneven fat cells for more beautiful and smooth looking skin.

Opposed to many other fat-freezing treatments on the market, Cryo Body Contouring is not using vacuum technology, which enables us to target specific areas much more precisely – and with no risk of red marks and damage of the surrounding tissue, which can be a side effect of the vacuum cryolipolysis.

Affordable, non-invasive and painless, this ultimate slimming and anti-age treatment only needs 30-50 minutes every few weeks. We recommend between 5-8 sessions for best results, depending on the treatment area and goal.

Treatment time

30-60 minutes


1 person

Personal guidance

During treatment


Treatment area should be exposed and accessible

Private dressing room


We provide

Towel and bathrobe

Shower access



This treatment significantly reduces excess body fat, improves the skin’s texture and elasticity, helps to reduce excess skin, which remains after pregnancy or significantly loss of weight.

A program for fighting cellulite, reducing stretch marks, and evening out the skin tone.

In the face area you can get a lifting effect i.e. improve firmness, smooth out wrinkles and reduce double chin.

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Helps getting rid of up to 30% of stubborn fat depots

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Stimulates collagen production

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Tightens, tones and reduces “problem” areas around the knees, stomach, thighs, arms and neck and chin

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Reverses signs of ageing and fight off stretch marks and cellulite

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no pain


Non-invasive and painless. Leaves no bruises or hematomas like other fat freezing treatments on the markets

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Contrast cryolipolysis is a modern, nonsurgical procedure used to reduce localized fat, with no damage to the skin or other surrounding tissues. It mixes the principles of conventional cryolipolysis and periods of heating.

Contrast cryolipolysis applies intervals of heat and cooling to the targeted areas of body fat, facilitating an extremely effective process of fat loss.

Studies shows that local fat depots can be reduced with up to 30%.

The treatment is executed manually, by one of our skilled therapists, through a slow application of the wand over the selected area of the body. Each session will begin with clean skin followed by a light gel application. The session will then start with heat followed by cold. It is a non-invasive, painless treatment that feels like a light massage.

Upper body
Reducing sagging arms and armpit lines, flanks, fat tissue in the abdomen, improving skin tension, and restoring firmness after pregnancy or weight loss.

Lower body
Slimming inner thighs, reducing fat tissue above the knees and located under the buttocks, improving skin firmness, and reducing cellulite.

Body toning
A program for fighting cellulite, reducing stretch marks, and evens out the skin tone.

Body contouring
A program suitable for the permanent elimination of excess body fat from places that are particularly resistant to weight loss; it allows to achieve a slim figure.

Yes! Our Cryo wave offers different programs for the face and neck.

a program allowing to obtain facelift effects, i.e. to improve skin tone, reduce the double chin, and smooth out wrinkles caused by increased production of collagen.

Face and neck
improving skin firmness, reducing the double chin, smoothing out wrinkles, facelifting, evens out skin tone.


Our treatments are handpicked to enhance the effect of each other through different combinations for even greater results. Therefore, we suggest combining these other treatments to help you get the results you wish for. If in doubt, we are here to help. Book a free consultation with one of our health advisors to get a personalised treatment plan tailored to exactly your specific needs and goals.

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