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Infrared Sauna therapy is an effective tool for natural healing and prevention.

Our Infrared Sauna uses infrared light to heat you from within, as opposed to a traditional sauna heating the air around your body. As a result of the deep penetrating infrared heat, you will feel hot and will sweat intensely, but at much lower temperatures, which makes the infrared sauna feel much more comfortable, and less overheated.

The infrared sauna supports the body’s own processes in a number of important areas and helps the body get rid of toxins while cleansing the skin with excess sweating. The treatment can provide instant pain relief, relax muscles, boost metabolism, regulate blood pressure and reduce stress.

Our sauna also comes equipped with a chromotherapy light. Chromotherapy is used in hospitals to help manage depression that comes from seasonal affective disorder, but our light also cycles through other colours to produce different effects. Depending on the chosen light, you can increase circulation, collagen production and sweating – or set it to more calming colours.

Our Infrared Sauna sessions only take 30 minutes to wind down and relax your body, or go for a 60-minutes session if you want to feel completely rejuvenated and detoxed.

Limit food intake an hour before the treatment, and drink plenty of water, before, under and after.

Treatment time

30-60 minutes


1 persons

Private dressing room


Private shower


We provide

Towels and disposable underwear


Swimwear if you prefer

Relieve icon, black outline



Relieves joint and muscle pain

Improve icon, black outline



Improves skin conditions, sleep and overall wellbeing

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Reduces stress

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Recovers athletic harm and injuries

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Detoxifies and helps getting rid of the toxins and heavy metals in your body

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Boosts your metabolism and mood

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All our treatments are well tested and completely safe. During your treatments, there will always be an educated therapist to guide you and make sure you go through the treatments under controlled and safe conditions.

Anyone with the conditions below should not receive treatments:

  • Severe Raynaud’s syndrome
  • Very poor circulation
  • Pregnancy
  • Severe diabetes
  • Cancer

There are, in general, no side effects apart from the amount you urinate increases slightly three days after treatment, along with colour alteration in your urine.

In a few cases, there have been reported side-effects such as localised redness that disappeared after a few hours. There may also be some itching without consequences and often this is a reaction to certain cosmetic products used by clients. Therefore, to limit these risks, please avoid the use of cosmetic products before coming in for treatment.

In rare cases, some report experiences of delayed onset muscle soreness from treatments on the stomach due to unintentionally engaging the abdominals. Discomfort has, however, been noted to disappear later that same evening.

In very rare cases, there have been reports of local pain (however limited to two to three hours).

Together we can help you coordinate your training so it fits your treatments in a beneficial and efficient way. You will most likely experience that your training and post-workout recovery is much more efficient when combined with our treatments.

Our clients, who use Whole Body Cryo or Infrared Sauna after exercising, claim that they’ve experienced faster rejuvenation and anti-inflammatory benefits.

LED Light Therapy and Cryo Facial combined can help treat a variety of skin issues, including acne, dermatitis, dull skin, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and scarring. With consistent use it can also reduce signs of ageing, including wrinkles, age spots and sun-damage.

The different treatments all enhance and promote good chemicals in the brain that improve your mood and make you more relaxed. More specifically the brain releases feel-good chemicals called endorphins throughout the body that reduce anxiety and depression, and enhance self-esteem.

Consistency is key when it comes to sustainable results.
With our EMS training for example, it is breaking down muscle tissue 18 times faster than a conventional workout, so it all depends on how fast your body is to recover, and how you fuel and rest. With the hot and cold treatment, you will get instant gratification compared to the other treatments that need to build up over time. However, after a few treatments you will see and feel calm and relaxed in your body as your whole nervous system is in a calm state.

The different treatments all enhance and promote chemicals in the brain that improve your mood and make you more relaxed. These feel-good chemicals are called endorphins. Some experiences reduce anxiety and depressed mood and enhance self-esteem.
Your overall feeling of wellness will also be boosted and your physical health will be in its optimal state.

Everybody will start a detox for different reasons and from different levels of toxicity. When talking about a general explanation it’s important to remember that everyone’s bodies are unique. As a result, each of us have different experiences when detoxing and therefore display different symptoms.
As a general rule; the more toxic the body is and the more years of poor habits accumulated, the more intense the healing will be.
When starting a detox you may notice a temporary worsening of any current symptoms you have. This is normal and occurs as the body begins to clear out the ‘sludge.’ This is a natural part of the body’s process of healing itself; by the elimination of toxins accumulated within your cells.
While this is commonly known as a ‘detox reaction’ we like to think of it as a ‘healing crisis’ or ‘healing reaction,’ as it is a necessary evil – where you feel worse for a couple of days before you feel better. Symptoms might include breakouts on your skin, headaches or constipation.


Our treatments are handpicked to work together across different technologies for even greater results and more efficient health improving outcomes. Therefore, we suggest combining these other treatments to help you reach your goals.

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