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The meditation pod is a healing oasis for the body and mind. Colored light therapy options in the pod create the feeling of infinite space and help regulate, control the autonomic nervous system and production of melatonin and cortisol, two hormones critical to your health and wellness. Our Meditation pod incorporates the use of magnet therapy, to transform unnatural waveforms and harmful frequencies into forms more like those found in nature to ease the feeling of fatigue and misalignment. The use of binaural beats help to guide the brain into a meditative state, making reaching mental clarity and peace easier for anyone. It also blocks harmful frequencies & removes blockages, inducing peace, mental clarity & optimal performance.

The meditation pod is a great addition to our other treatments or could also be used as a separate tool to reduce stress and increase mental focus.

Treatment time

10-20 minutes


1 person

Personal guidance

Before treatment

Private dressing room

No change of clothing needed

We provide

Headphones and a blanket

Reduce icon, black outline


Reduce anxiety, insomnia, depression

Heal icon, black outline


Heal body tissues

Rejuventate icon, black outline


Rejuvenate the skin and reset the mind

Relieve icon, black outline


Relieve pain and autoimmune disorders

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Increase attention span, sensory perception and bone health

Boost icon, black outline


Boost brain function and concentration

Decrease icon, black outline


Decrease symptoms/traits of autism, PTSD, chronic anxiety, schizophrenia, stress

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Improve brain focus and mood

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Somadome is the world’s first healing individual meditation space. The 20-minute experience combines ancient healing practices with modern technology to promote stress relief, vitality, and alignment. Our mission is to make the world a more peaceful place by providing a sanctuary of wellness that replenishes the whole person.

The Meditation pod, also called “Somadome” has sessions that are 20 minutes in length. While seated comfortably inside the dome, you will be guided gently through a meditation of your choosing. Somadome offers different meditation tracks each targeting a specific goal, such as healing, focus, love or overcoming various obstacles. The experience is choreographed to immerse one in a synergistic environment that uses LED color therapy, binaural beat meditation, and energy healing microcrystalline tiles for optimal restoration. The Somadome also shields from cell phone and other EMF / electronic device emissions, allowing your body’s natural alignment to be restored.

Binaural beats are inaudible sounds perceived by your brain, in the setting of listening to stereo musical frequencies through a headset. They guide you into different states associated with various benefits: theta for visualization, delta for deep healing, alpha for relaxed relaxation, etc.

Like any tool, there are many potential uses – we believe binaural beats either assist in achieving a state where altering your mood is more likely, or that binaural beats may actually ‘entrain’ your brain towards the preferred state of mind you choose. A comprehensive review of brainwave entrainment studies reveals the use of binaural beats to reduce insomnia, headaches, improve response to exercise, improving concentration in hyperactivity disorders, and for reduce anxiety or depression.

The magnets cancel out harmful EMFs and work synergistically to create a cocoon that replicates the frequency of a healthy human body and stimulates the free flow of chi.

Research has shown that 2-3 sessions a week over the course of four weeks dramatically reduces anxiety and depression in 87% of people studied – across diverse demographics. Additionally, 69% of professional athletes studied reported better performance and recovery, and students and professionals better focus and creativity. Virtually all users regardless of frequency report reduction in stress and a sense of calm after one session.

You can dome any time. Sessions leave you feeling relaxed, replenished or recharged, depending on the session. Mindfulness is a consistent practice. People who dome 2-3 times a week have the best results. Any age or health condition can benefit from alignment.

Consistency is key, when it comes to sustainable results, but with both our meditation pod and infrared sauna, you will feel an instant gratification vs. other treatments that needs to build up over time. Even after the first treatment you will feel calm and relaxed in your body and mind, as your whole nervous system is calmed down and cortisol levels lowered in your body.


Our treatments are handpicked to enhance the effect of each other through different combinations for even greater results. Therefore, we suggest combining these other treatments to help you get the results you wish for. If in doubt, we are here to help. Book a free consultation with one of our health advisors to get a personalised treatment plan tailored to exactly your specific needs and goals.

Cryo Facial is perfect in combination with our Meditation pod as it relieves tensions, headaches & migraine and increases blood circulation hence improving attention span and brain function, while leaving you energised and in high spirits. cryo facial More about Cryo Facial The Meditation pod in combination with exposure to LED light is beneficial for combatting depression, reducing stress and improving focus. light therapy, body More about Light Therapy, Body The Meditation pod improves mental performance whereas Compression Therapy improves physical performance, blood circulation and detoxifies the body which makes them a good combination to boost both physical and mental performance and wellbeing.
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