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17. februar 2021

well-being starts with a ‘why’

 – by Julie Elisabeth Schulin, founder of the yoga studio YO/ME 

Most of us have an idea of WHAT we want to accomplish.
The HOW is also pretty clear, but we need to find out WHY.
When you set your goals in life, always remember to ask yourself –
WHAT is my purpose underlying my goals?

I make sure before I leave my bed, that my intention for the day is clear.

I force a big fat smile on my face -allowing myself a sense of gratitude for wakening up to yet another beautiful day.

I believe, I have the power to choose my own energy. I believe I can
attract the energy I want by being what I hope to meet in others. I believe that gratitude is the way to happiness.

Take home message: Enjoy yourself, be kind to yourself, make good choices for yourself and know that you have the willpower to create a life in balance.


I work out my mind and body.

I do at least 20 min. of yoga 5 days a week, walk almost every day and I meditate every other day.

Physical activity and meditation is some of the most important things to strengthen your willpower and I want to do what I can to strengthen that quality within myself. It drives me. And sure, I want to look and feel good too.


I have a balanced and pretty simple diet.

I eat what I crave but in moderations. I’m conscious about what I put in my body and for the most part I make good choices for myself. Lots of almonds and avocado every day. Lots of green vegetables for vitamin K, vitamin D supplement every day for bone maintenance and immune system.

I want to enjoy my food and I want to take good care of the body I live in.