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why choose to become a member?

A membership gives you access to a select number of weekly and monthly treatments and services. In addition, it unlocks a range of perks and discounts on extra treatments, services and health products curated by some of the world’s best nutritionists, meditation- and yoga instructors and health practitioners. All our treatments are science backed and their benefits well documented.

how do I choose the right membership?

Whether you’re just getting started or seasoned in the health and wellness world, we offer a membership that will enable you to become the best version of you.

A free consultation with one of our experienced practitioners, will enable you to choose the membership that fits your needs.

Together, you’ll create a personalized treatment plan, including add-on packages, targeting your needs, conditions that require attention (if any), and of course your long-term health objectives.

We also offer health tests, dietary advice, nutrition planning and supplement recommendations as part of your overall treatment plan.

the herbal bar

Enjoy a cup of our natural herbal tea. The selection of various teas target a number of different conditions or issues. We have collected the most efficient herbs, roots and leaves, all based on research and studies that show to stimulate better sleep, detox, increase blood flow, reduce inflammation and stress in your body.

Enjoy a free herbal tea with the following memberships:

  • One Thirty
  • One Thirty Selfcare
  • One Thirty Ultimate health
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the meditation pod

Instead of that extra coffee you most likely don’t need, take a quick break and stop by our meditation pod for 10 or 20 minutes of winding down and re-connecting with yourself.

Destress and sharpen your mind before an important meeting, a busy day at work – or simply just do it for your own wellbeing. Our meditation pod stimulates all senses, and ensures peace of mind.

Enjoy unlimited use of the Meditation Pod with the following memberships:

  • One Thirty Selfcare
  • One Thirty Ultimate health
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