make a long-term commitment to your health

Optimise the way you optimise yourself!

We strongly believe that the best results come from incorporating good habits and small biohacks into your everyday lifestyle.

A healthy body and mind are not achieved by a few random efforts. Achieving lasting results takes ongoing commitment. But we have made sure that your efforts can be as smooth, comfortable and time efficient as possible.

So, If you are ready to invest more long term in your health and wellbeing – we invite you to become a member of our One Thirty Labs family.

one thirty membership

Our membership gives you access to a select number of weekly or monthly treatments and services. It also includes discounts on additional treatments, services and health products and priority booking of our limited classes and events, curated by some of the world’s best nutritionists, healers, yoga instructors and other health practitioners.

  • 4 x localised Cryo
  • 4 x LED light therapy, body
  • 10% discount on all treatments, punch cards and targeted process
  • Priority when booking classes, events and other services
  • Free access to our meditation pod, based on availability
  • Complimentary herbal tea and vitamin C shot, when visiting One Thirty Labs
  • 10% discount on products in studio
  • Personalised treatment plan and consultation
  • Discount with brand partners

per month
DKK 499

customize your membership with a lab membership add-on

We have created a number of tailor made, lab specific One Thirty Membership add-ons to make it easier for you to get exactly the right extra treatments that suit your specific needs – at a discounted price.

how it works?

One Thirty Membership options are designed for you. Whether you’re just getting started or well versed in the health and wellness world, commit to the path that fits your lifestyle. We provide the top quality treatments, packages and experiences, so that you can feel your best for you.
Our memberships are based on an add-on model, where you have your baseline One Thirty Membership, and then add-on extra services and treatments depending on your mood, need and objectives.

Your One Thirty Membership ensures you always have priority and access to our space, exclusive events, practitioners and other services plus a number of monthly treatments, so you can easily maintain your health and wellbeing all year around.

How do I choose the right membership?

As a member of One Thirty Labs, you can add-on different packages to your membership at any time depending on your specific objectives and goals, and you can always scale up and down.

Any membership starts with a consultation with one of our experienced practitioners, who will make a personalized treatment plan and recommended membership level targeted to your specific needs and goals, and discuss any specific conditions or issues you wish to improve.

Through our in-house residents and other co-labs, we can also offer health tests, nutrition plans and other special treatments as part of your overall treatment program.

You can also dive into to the science behind the various treatments and their individual benefits here