residency programs

With our residency programs we bring together the best minds and experts from around the globe to offer you the most efficient treatments at our labs.

This means that we team up with some of the best health professionals – nutritionists, instructors, healers and many more, with whom we will do curated classes and events for you to join and be updated with the newest revolutionary physical -and mental health discoveries and treatments.

Our residency program also offers a curated selection of relevant products and brands, to help you stay healthy, also from the comfort of your own home.

Health professionals in residence at One Thirty Labs

As a progressive health lab with a staff of therapists and a variety of health professionals working under one roof, we strive to bring the most efficient, natural and confirmed treatments to optimise the health and wellbeing of the many.

Our aim is to bring the most skilled health professionals from across the globe and give them a platform to realise, explore and invent new ways on how we can create a better, healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

Health Professional Residency

As a health professional-in-residence you will work temporarily at our lab by participating in our residence program. We offer conditions that are conducive to research and networking across different fields of health for body and mind. Furthermore, our residents will be able to use our facilities and treatment room for classes, events and treatments curated by our residents.

Multiple residencies take place throughout the year — on location in Copenhagen.

During the residency you will work within your field of expertise and explore how your treatments can be combined with the treatments, products and technology that we offer in our labs. It is expected that you will perform treatments, hold classes and events on location in One Thirty Labs.

You will receive support from the One Thirty Labs team and get access to our facilities, working space, connections and audience.

Want to become a One Thirty Lab resident?

Drop us a few lines about you and your business, and why your product, knowledge or treatments would be a good match for One Thirty Labs

    Become a One Thirty Labs ambassador

    Do you have a client, customer, patient, or friend that would benefit from our services? Earn credit to put towards your infrared sauna sessions, cryotherapy session, LED light therapy and more, just for referring to your network.

    We are accepting applications for the following individuals:
    • Practitioner
    • Trainer
    • Nutritionist
    • Ambassador