To achieve lasting results it takes an ongoing commitment. Therefore we have made sure that your effort can be as smooth, comfortable and time efficient as possible.

infrared sauna

Our full-spectrum infrared saunas safely penetrate the skin to increase the body’s core temperature, resulting in a detoxifying sweat that leaves you healthier and glowing.

LED light therapy, body

Our LED light therapy panels utilise the healing power of red and near infrared wavelengths to improve cell rejuvenation and faster recovery. LED light therapy works at the cellular level, stimulating repair and normalising cell function.

LED light therapy, face

Boost collagen production, reduce fine lines and rosacea, acne and other skin issues with targeted LED light Therapy.

EMS training

Rethink training and reshape your body. Reduce body fat, build muscles and strength in only 2x 20 minutes sessions per week. EMS is a full body electric muscle stimulation training, which can be up to 18 times more effective than conventional weight training.

compression therapy

We use compression therapy pants to increase circulation and move fluid throughout the body in order to promote faster recovery and reduce fluid overload.

whole body cryo

Our whole body cryotherapy stimulates cold shock, which starts the body’s self-repair process. This results in faster recovery, anti-inflammation, pain management, enhanced mood, less stress, better skin and sleep.

cryo body contouring

Want to get rid of those stubborn fat depots, or tighten the skin around your neck, knees, arms? Our body contouring machine defies gravity, melts fat, tightens, tones and rejuvenates skin as well as fights off stretch marks and cellulite.

localised cryo

Targets a specific muscle area or joint directly with cold air for 2-3 minutes to decrease pain and inflammation, while improving circulation in the affected area.

cryo facial

Fine mist of chilled air vapor is applied to the face, enhancing blood flow and circulation, while stimulating cell rejuvenation and collagen production – which leads to more firm , smooth, and elastic skin. Acne, superficial scars as well as other skin conditions (psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema) may also improve after more sessions.

cryo skin

Our different applicators enable us to target high volumes of cold air directly, and very precisely, on the skin to treat different skin conditions and issues.

Maise Nohr Over the next several hours, a wonderful feeling of joy spreads out through my body and I walk around feeling like I am a little in love with the whole world!

The cold felt as if it was just under my skin for the rest of the day, and at night I sleep like a little baby
When my time was over I went out and felt an absolute euphoric feeling.

I felt lighter and more energized. I am definitely going to try this again!
Maria Angelova
The usual computer-related myofasical pain I have in my neck seems loosened up and my mood is surprisingly high after a treatment! Marie Kaufholz