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about the treatment

EMS is a highly effective full-body electric muscle stimulation training. It has been used for decades in physiotherapy and utilises the low and mid frequency of the electric-currents to significantly increase the body’s natural muscle contractions. As a result, more muscle fibres are activated when compared to conventional training methods. Only two 20-minutes sessions a week will help you achieve a stronger, leaner and more toned body.

EMS allows us to activate muscles, which is almost impossible to activate through normal training, and this enables us to create significant, visual changes to our body – fast and efficiently.

You wear a special suit during your training, which delivers electrical pulses that stimulate muscle contraction through electrodes to the skin surface above the muscles. The impulses cause the muscles to contract, which are similar to the body’s natural stimulus transductions – just much stronger. One session takes only 20 minutes and is led by one of our EMS certified trainers, who controls and adjusts the intensity of the impulses. Our EMS trainer guides you through the workout, and will adjust the training to your personal needs and preferences.

Who is it for?

EMS is Suitable for people of all age groups and fitness levels
EMS training is for everyone who seeks a stronger, leaner and more toned body. The fact that there is no joint overload makes the workout great for rehabilitation after injuries and post-operations, or if you suffer from joint pain.

Treatment time

20 minutes


1-2 persons

Personal guidance

During treatment

Private dressing room


Shower access


We provide

Cotton undergarments, towel and bathing robe


Socks and training shoes

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Increases balance and core stability, muscle activation and building

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Leaves you feeling refreshed and energised

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Burn calories, lose weight and get toned faster and more efficiently

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Enhances muscular strength and power

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Improves circulation and increases blood flow to the muscles

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Reduces risk of injuries and muscle pain, prevents joint overload

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