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about the treatment

Targets a specific muscle area or joint directly with cold air for 2-3 minutes to decrease pain and inflammation, while improving circulation in the affected area.

While whole body cryotherapy triggers an internal systematic anti-inflammatory response, local cryo is a more powerful and efficient form of “icing.” Local cryotherapy is used to reduce pain, swelling and inflammation in specifically targeted areas. Temperatures of Localised Cryo can reach as low as -60 celsius and treatments typically last between 2-10 minutes generating a high-intensity reaction called thermal shock.

This technique stimulates the cutaneous receptors and act’s on the body’s enzymes, vascular and lymphatic systems. Local cryotherapy fights worn-out, overworked and inflamed areas of the body by constricting blood vessels in specific areas to decrease pain and inflammation.

The cryotherapy chamber eliminates toxins, boosts cell renewal, quickly repairs muscle tears and supercharges the metabolic rate which produces a natural high. Wildly popular amongst athletes! This procedure is now available for all.

Treatment time

1-3 minutes


1 person

Personal guidance

During treatment


The treatment area should be exposed and accessible

We provide

Towel and bathrobe



Reduce healing time following surgery, and reduce swelling and edemas


Stop inflammatory crisis


Rejuvenate the skin on a cellular level


Relieve pain immediately


Increase vitality of targeted area


Trigger immediate muscular relaxation


Decrease headaches and fatigue


Improve blood circulation, and firm and tighten skin

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Our treatments are handpicked to work together across different technologies for even greater results and more efficient health improving outcomes. Therefore, we suggest combining these other treatments to help you get the results you need.

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